Happy Birthday!

-Dhwani Majithia

Girlfriend: Happy Birthday Baby!!!!

Boyfriend: Thank you sweetheart!

Girlfriend: I’ll be there to wish you at 8

Boyfriend: Okay sweetheart! Do you promise?

Girlfriend: Ya I promise to come no matter what! I love you!

Boyfriend: I love you too baby!! Okay, so I will prepare dinner for us!

Girlfriend: Yay! C’ya

(8:00 pm. There was no sign of the girl. The boy waits. 1 hour passes. Finally she comes at 9:30.)

Boyfriend:Hey babe! So good to see you! What kept you so long?

Girlfriend: Sorry sweetheart!Was stuck in traffic!

Boyfriend: Ohh that’s okay!

They both were really hungry so they chatted for a bit and had their food.

(Boy’s cellphone rings. It’s his girlfriend’s mom.)

Boyfriend: Hey!

Girl’s Mom: (Crying and her voice shaking.) Hi son, I’m in the hospital, my girl just passed out *weeps*

Boyfriend:Wh…. What are you talking about?

Girl’s Mom: She was in an accident…. She never got there! (sobbing)

He turned towards her girlfriend. And she was holding a candle in her hand.

Girlfriend: I told you. I would be there. Never worry baby, I will always be there with you!


Best Friends Forever!


Tight as a knot we are bounded together,
Although we are still young, we’ll be friends forever.
So many memories even more to be made,
the tears and the laughter may they never fade,
from birthdays and barbies,to boyfriends and archie’s ,we’ve made it this far like Dorothy to Oz.

The parties, the fun, the jokes played at school.
The times when we agreed what was and wasn’t cool.
I hope I’ll never lose you; you’re my very best friend.
I know that we’ll always stick together ’til the end.


Starting Over….

One thing I was sure,

No matter how much we fight,

Ours was a love pledged for life.

And if things went wrong,

out of control, our bond shall

be the healer of my stubborn soul.

We’d go back to the start,

to one of those times,when I

wasn’t yours,and you weren’t mine

I shall try all those tricks,

that once made you woo, and

we’ll start a journey a fresh, a new.

And if need be my love,

I would do it all again, cause

somethings in the world never change.

-Dhwani Majithia



We were and then we weren’t……Six word story!

Dhwani Majithia

“What went wrong?”

“He walked into my life like I was all that mattered and walked out, like nothing did!”

Dhwani Majithia

We just became strangers who knew each other very well!

Dhwani Majithia

I want you. You want her……Six word story.

Dhwani Majithia

Everytime I gained a piece of you, I lost a piece of myself.

Dhwani Majithia

“Our batch is different. We’ll stay in touch!” Everyone promised.

“Foolish promises” Time had a laugh.

Dhwani Majithia


An eye with dust,

and a heart with trust always cries!

Dhwani Majithia

Be aware what you tell your friends.

A friend today can be an enemy tomorrow!

Dhwani Majithia

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!!

Dhwani Majithia

She checked the phone the entire day.

Battery didn’t die. HOPES did!

Dhwani Majithia

Friendship (noun)

Two assignments completed in one handwriting.

Dhwani Majithia

Enemy slapped in the face. Survived.

Friend stabbed at the back. Died.

Dhwani Majithia

When asked, “What is heaven on Earth?”

I opened Maps and typed the name of my school.

Dhwani Majithia




I whispered

as you shut the door behind you!

Dhwani Majithia

When friendship is deep,

the texts are cheap,

the calls are full of beep,

….and such friends are worth to keep!

Dhwani Majithia

“What is the best and the worst gift you can give to someone?”

“Memories” I said.

Dhwani Majithia

No call.

No message.

One was in ego,

and the other one was in hope!

Dhwani Majithia

Clean blackboard,

Teary eyes,

Last lecture!

Dhwani Majithia

Flowers on the head, demons in the minds!

Dhwani Majithia