Happy Birthday!

-Dhwani Majithia

Girlfriend: Happy Birthday Baby!!!!

Boyfriend: Thank you sweetheart!

Girlfriend: I’ll be there to wish you at 8

Boyfriend: Okay sweetheart! Do you promise?

Girlfriend: Ya I promise to come no matter what! I love you!

Boyfriend: I love you too baby!! Okay, so I will prepare dinner for us!

Girlfriend: Yay! C’ya

(8:00 pm. There was no sign of the girl. The boy waits. 1 hour passes. Finally she comes at 9:30.)

Boyfriend:Hey babe! So good to see you! What kept you so long?

Girlfriend: Sorry sweetheart!Was stuck in traffic!

Boyfriend: Ohh that’s okay!

They both were really hungry so they chatted for a bit and had their food.

(Boy’s cellphone rings. It’s his girlfriend’s mom.)

Boyfriend: Hey!

Girl’s Mom: (Crying and her voice shaking.) Hi son, I’m in the hospital, my girl just passed out *weeps*

Boyfriend:Wh…. What are you talking about?

Girl’s Mom: She was in an accident…. She never got there! (sobbing)

He turned towards her girlfriend. And she was holding a candle in her hand.

Girlfriend: I told you. I would be there. Never worry baby, I will always be there with you!


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